Policy for social accountability

JORGE ALBERO PASCUAL, S.L. whose activity is the manufacture of non-woven fabric, since its creation has been environmentally aware, working with reclaimed raw materials, which benefits the environment by reducing the amount of waste and valorizing them.

ANGEL RIBERA ALBERO, as the company’s highest authority, undertakes to comply with the main international labor agreements of the International Labor Organization (ILO), national legislation and the terms of national labor negotiation.

And for this, the company undertakes to comply with:

  • The freedom of employment.
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • Not to carry out child exploitation.
  • Prevention of discrimination and abuse.
  • Health and safety at work.
  • Remuneration, hours of work and conditions of employment

In particular, the Organization supports the implementation and monitoring of social criteria through:

  • Appoint a person as Responsible for Social Responsibility.
  • Monitor compliance with social criteria and implement the necessary improvements in its facilities.
  • Inform your workers about the content of the minimum social criteria and any other related information provided by the reference standard (GOTS and/or GRS y RWS) in the corresponding local language.
  • Maintain records of the name, age, hours of work and salary paid to each worker.
  • Allow workers to designate a representative for social responsibility who is able to provide feedback to management regarding the status of implementation and compliance with social criteria.
  • Register and investigate complaints from workers or parties related to adherence to social criteria and keep records on any necessary corrective measures arising from them.
  • Refinement of disciplinary measures, dismissals or other forms of discrimination against workers for providing information on the observance of social criteria.

The organization also undertakes to provide the necessary technical, economic and professional resources so that the objectives of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy are fully achieved.

This Social Responsibility Policy is widespread at all levels and it is up to everyone to work actively, as far as they are concerned, to improve the management of environmental aspects.

The organization guarantees, through subsequent verifications, that said policy is understood and implemented and that the established commitments are fulfilled.

The Management is committed to supporting this Policy at all levels of the organization and asks all company workers to comply with the requirements that apply to them.