Environmental policy

JORGE ALBERO PASCUAL, S.L. whose activity is the manufacture of non-woven fabric, has been aware of the environment since its creation, working with recovered raw materials, which benefits the environment, by reducing the amount of waste and valuing it.

ANGEL RIBERA ALBERO, as the company’s highest authority, is committed to preventing pollution, safeguarding and protecting the environment, and seeking the continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance by minimizing the risks associated with the activities carried out and the products / services delivered.

And for this, the company is committed to:

  • Appoint a person responsible for environmental management aspects.
  • Comply with current legislation and any voluntary agreement on its significant environmental impacts.
  • Llevar a cabo un monitoreo continuo de los aspectos ambientales relacionados con el proceso de producción, con especial interés en el consumo de agua y energía y en la producción de residuos e intercambios.
  • Define objectives and enforcement procedures and/or practical measures to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Implement procedures and/or practical measures to minimize waste and discharges.
  • Define the procedures to be followed in the event of waste and contamination incidents.
  • Provide adequate training to personnel in relevant environmental aspects.
  • Implement an improvement program.

The organization is also committed to providing the necessary technical, economic and professional resources so that the objectives of the Environmental Policy are fully achieved.

This Environmental Policy is widespread at all levels and it is up to everyone to work actively, as far as they are concerned, to improve the management of environmental aspects.

The organization guarantees, through subsequent verifications, that said policy is understood and implemented and that the established commitments are fulfilled.

The Management undertakes to support the Environmental System, to communicate this Policy at all levels of the organization and asks all company workers to comply with the requirements that apply to them.