Quality Policy

JORGE ALBERO PASCUAL, S.L. whose activity is the manufacture of non-woven fabric, was a pioneer at the national level in the implementation and certification of the Quality System in the year 2000. Several years have passed and every day we are more aware of the Organizational Context in which we find ourselves and of the importance that Quality and Continuous Improvement have for ALL STAFF in the present, which provides the first firm step towards the future we want and for which we work today. This means that we have put all our Commitment and Leadership into the implementation and improvement of our Quality System according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard, involving ourselves in working to fulfill the following pillars on which all our daily work is based:


Today more than ever it is essential to pamper and take care of the customer to have delighted customers, that is, more than satisfied with the purpose of retaining them. To do this, we must offer them products and services that exceed their expectations and adapt to their current and future needs. Customers are the basis of the company, and without them we would not exist.


Continuous improvement is a daily obligation within the organization to be more competitive and adapt to the constantly evolving environment. Our philosophy is that “every day can be improved” by strengthening our achievements and improving our weak points, identifying Risks and Opportunities to optimize our internal processes and offer better products and services to our customers. All of this is also backed by betting on the Design of new products.


Our staff is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We form a chain, and each one of us is an essential link that contributes its part to effectively carry out the work that ultimately reaches the client. “If we win, we all do it, and if we fail, so do we all, as a single entity of which we are a part.” For this reason, the Management promotes Leadership, Commitment, Education and Training, the assumption of Responsibilities and Authority at all levels in order to empower our staff, which is the greatest asset we have and the great difference significantly with the competition, which makes us better.


We have defined internal controls to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, internal and customer requirements, in addition to strict work protocols.
We work every day to improve and control each process to ensure that the product offered meets all requirements, carrying out identification and traceability management at all times.


We believe in a job well done day by day, slow but sure growth, fostering a firm foundation for the organization that is the basis to face the future with guarantees. We are all in the same boat and we row in the same direction, always thinking of the client.


We continue to promote being pioneers in the textile sector, certifying our products with certificates that meet the needs of our customers, such as OEKO-TEX, Vegan, GRS, RWS certificates

The Management undertakes to support the implemented Quality Management System, to communicate this Policy at all levels of the organization and to provide it with all the means for its optimal operation and for the achievement of the defined Objectives, and asks all workers of the company that meet the requirements that apply to them.